LD's Guide to Japan

This is a little late, but I took a #selfie every day from my 28th birthday to my 29th birthday. Have a look at a year of my life in 12 seconds. #timelapse

I’m not much of an artist, but this is pretty typical. They always want to know the more “useful” words.

One thing knocked off the bucket list this weekend: zip line across the longest zip line in Japan at the top of a mountain. Check!
(at 立山山麓スキー場)

Director Hayao Miyazaki to Retire
When I was 13 years old, I saw my first ever Japanese film: “Princess Mononoke.”  I saw it in the theater by myself while my parents were in the theater next door watching a more ‘grown-up’ (read: boring) movie.  It was a magical spectacle that captivated me in a way that nothing ever had before.  I couldn’t stop talking about it for days, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for years.  It began a fascination and near-obsession with Japanese culture and history that ultimately led me to where I am today.  Since then, I have always waited for the next Studio Ghibli film with great anticipation, and if it weren’t for Hayao Miyazaki’s animations, I may well have never come to Japan.  I saw his final film, “The Wind Rises,” on its opening weekend here in Japan, and it was just as wonderful and beautiful as anything the man has ever created.  I’m grateful for all the gifts he has given to our world culture, and sad that we won’t be getting any more.  Princess Mononoke remains one of my top ten favorite films of all time even today.  Congratulations on your retirement, sir, and thank you.  For everything.

My 28th Year

I took a picture of myself every day for a year beginning on my 27th birthday, March 1, 2012.  I used my iPhone’s front-facing camera, so the pictures aren’t the greatest quality, but that doesn’t really matter.  It’s a neat time-capsule to have.  I’m really glad I did it, and I plan on doing it again this year (only this time with more smiling).

It was a (mostly) great year.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to the next one.

Music: “This Year” by The Mountain Goats

Welcome to Haewoojae, AKA the Toilet Museum. The world’s foremost toilet-shaped building. Located in Suwon, South Korea. (at 해우재)

Took a day trip out to Suwon today! (at Janganmun Gate)

See you next year, Japan! (at 富山空港 (Toyama Airport - TOY/RJNT))

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